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The Law Office of Nigel M. Atwell Has Officially Opened in Washington, D.C.

Attorney Nigel M. Atwell has opened a law practice, The Law Office of Nigel M. Atwell, in the City Center area of Washington, D.C.

law office of nigel m. atwellThe firm will provide commercial, operational, and strategic advice to businesses and will negotiate a wide variety of commercial transactions, including those in the area of the arts, and on behalf of business users of telecommunications and other communications technologies. Mr. Atwell is a seasoned business lawyer who has negotiated complex services transactions, and environmental and communications technology transactions valued up to $300M.

The firm will leverage Mr. Atwell’s significant experience as a graduate and primary school educator to represent stakeholders in the local and national education policy debate and to advocate on behalf of children with special needs and those who have been subjected to unfair discipline practices in public schools. Mr. Atwell believes deeply in the critical role that public education must play in developing children into independent, critical thinkers, and more empowered, vocal and effective participants in our democracy, the global economy and the world community.
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Lessons from a Growing Movement: African American Homeschooling

The reasons for the growing movement of African American homeschooling are instructive to parents about the potential impact of bias on student achievement, and school curriculum, instruction, discipline, and policy.

African American Homeschooling

“I don’t teach about the violence that blacks suffered at the hands of whites during slavery.”

“John Brown was a terrorist.”

“John Wilkes Booth was a famous actor. He assassinated President Lincoln to help the South win the Civil War.”

“In Native American communities, there are many social problems, like poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, suicide and crime.”

“All the problem kids are black.”

“When you bounce around the room like that, you look just like a little monkey!”

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Changes to DC Special Education Law

DC Special Education LawThe Special Education Student Rights Act of 2014, DC Act 20-486, includes several provisions that ensure that parents of children with special needs have the information and opportunity to more actively participate in the development and monitoring of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for their children and to hold schools accountable when their programs are not meeting the needs of their children. In my opinion, three provisions of the Act constitute a sea change in current DC policy regarding the interaction between the parents of children with special needs and the traditional public schools or public charter schools that service them.

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