The Law Office of Nigel M. Atwell Has Officially Opened in Washington, D.C.

Attorney Nigel M. Atwell has opened a law practice, The Law Office of Nigel M. Atwell, in the City Center area of Washington, D.C.

law office of nigel m. atwellThe firm will provide commercial, operational, and strategic advice to businesses and will negotiate a wide variety of commercial transactions, including those in the area of the arts, and on behalf of business users of telecommunications and other communications technologies. Mr. Atwell is a seasoned business lawyer who has negotiated complex services transactions, and environmental and communications technology transactions valued up to $300M.

The firm will leverage Mr. Atwell’s significant experience as a graduate and primary school educator to represent stakeholders in the local and national education policy debate and to advocate on behalf of children with special needs and those who have been subjected to unfair discipline practices in public schools. Mr. Atwell believes deeply in the critical role that public education must play in developing children into independent, critical thinkers, and more empowered, vocal and effective participants in our democracy, the global economy and the world community.

Mr. Atwell also has a strong interest in elementary school literacy and the potential impact that research based teaching methodologies, technology and culturally relevant content can have on improving children’s literacy. The firm will advise companies that develop education content and technologies.

The firm will also provide basic estate planning services and will represent individuals in collaborative divorce.

Mr. Atwell is a member of the board of directors of Shining Stars Montessori Academy Public Charter School and is a member of the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts. The firm performs pro bono work for clients referred by the Children’s Law Center of Washington, D.C.

Mr. Atwell is admitted to the bar of the District of Columbia bar and will soon qualify to represent individuals and businesses in New York.

For more information, please contact 202.627.6926, [email protected]/atw or visit