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about usThe Law Office of Nigel M. Atwell advises companies and individuals on technology, goods, services, arts and entertainment matters.  The firm leverages Mr. Atwell’s significant experience as a graduate and primary school educator to advocate on behalf of children with special needs, those who have been subjected to unfair discipline practices in public schools, to redress inequities in public education, and advise companies that develop education content and technologies.  The firm also provides basic estate planning services.


As a former public school and graduate school educator, Mr. Atwell is intimately familiar with teaching methods and curricula, teacher preparation,  public school administration, social emotional learning programs, and issues relating to the provision of services to children with special needs.  Mr. Atwell maintains ongoing professional relationships with children’s advocacy groups and experts committed to fighting for equity in traditional public schools and public charter schools.  Mr. Atwell has participated in efforts by a committee of the American Bar Association to educate lawyers, school leaders and other stakeholders about the current issues concerning discriminatory discipline and the school to prison pipeline.

Mr. Atwell represents parents and students in matters concerning the provision of services to children with special needs and school discipline.


Mr. Atwell has 20 years experience advising telecoms, electric utilities and technology firms on a variety of issues concerning the development, marketing, purchase and  sale of services and technology.  He advises individuals, technology firms, traditional small businesses, visual and performing artists and art collectors on a variety of business and transactional matters.

Estate Planning:

Mr. Atwell provides basic estate planning services for individuals, couples, and retirees.

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Our core value is to act and communicate with clients as a thought partner to solve problems and open doors to opportunity.  Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.