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Creating better working conditions for LGBTQ+ employees

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Employment Law |

In June, IBM released a report indicating that 45% of lesbian, gay and bisexual workers have experienced discrimination on the job based on their sexual orientation. Among those discriminated against, Black workers stand to suffer the most discrimination. Promoting greater authenticity for workers in Washington, D.C., requires the support of attorneys who are trained in these important issues.

Discrimination in the workplace

LGBTQ+ professionals cite many reasons for not maintaining an openness about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Many workers feel that stereotypes could interfere with their ability to perform their job effectively. Losing connections with coworkers and the fear that coworkers may misinterpret their intentions are also often cited as concerns. The Institute for Business Value collected data from LGBTQ+ workers and found that half of the workers feel that those who share their sexual orientation are less successful.

Resources to prevent discrimination

Companies taking steps to create a more inclusive environment can aim to bring qualified LGBTQ+ workers into greater positions of leadership. Preventing workplace discrimination through the use of more inclusive language and providing equitable benefits to all workers also promotes diversity.

Employment law forbids the discrimination of workers based on their gender identity or sexual orientation, but it does still occur. Individuals who experience discrimination have legal options available. Talking with an attorney about discrimination may help ensure that individual rights remain protected.

Although making your sexual orientation or gender identity known at work may take courage, it’s important to feel comfortable and safe in your work environment. Understanding your legal rights means that you don’t have to fear the negative consequences associated with revealing your authentic self.